"Let's Go to the Movies"

It's no secret.  Everyone who knows me knows about my love for film.  Watching so many movies is literally what has inspired me to become a filmmaker.  It is so much to the point that you can view some of my short films or watch me talk about film on my RJK Productions YouTube channel here or you can watch me as I go over many of the great movies of our time on my Rewind, Relive & Review YouTube channel here.  Whether you visit one, the other, or both, don't forget to subscribe while you are there, that way you never miss any content, as I am sure to always be dropping something new.    

Click here to see what RJK Productions is all about on the YouTube channel.  I've got a few short films you can check out and much more.

Click here to check out the Rewind Relive & Review channel for the best in movies, music and television.

And speaking of movies, I'm hard at work on writing producing and directing a few new projects of my own.  So much good stuff on the way!